There's a subreddit for people named Chris who hate Columbus

Nearly 4000 people are in the r/Chris subreddit, an internet community devoted to all things Chris/Christopher. The group regularly comes together to hate Christopher Columbus, the Italian explorer whose genocidal actions stain Chris history ("Christory").

"When people bring up lists of famous Chrises, there are always two excluded deliberately — Christopher Columbus and Chris Brown," Chris and Christopher, the founding members and moderators of r/Chris write via joint statement. "Here at r/Chris, we welcome all with Chris-like names and don't hold grudges against those without them, but Christopher Columbus and Chris Brown have been excommunicated from Chris-endom." 

Throughout the subreddit, Chris and Christophers of all stripes denounce Columbus, calling him "quite the butthole," a "cringe guy," a "pretty shitty dude tbh" and a "disgrace to the name [who] makes us all look dumb." Some have even gone as far as to summon what might be the greatest insult a Chris or Christopher could bestow upon one of their own — that Columbus has lost his "C" card, rendering him a "Topher." 

Mel Magazine

"Maybe it's unfair to judge someone from history with contemporary morals," 33-year-old New York Chris adds. "But on the other hand, there's historical documentation that he was a real piece of shit." 

38-year-old Chris from Massachusetts, interviewed in Mel Magazine