Adobe DMCAs third-party project that provides security improvement to Flash

Flash is dead, finally taken out back by Adobe after many years of increasingly insecure and obsolete service. As disliked as Flash was as a technology and advertising medium, though, it was loved as an accessible and expressive platform for game development and animation. If it was inevitable, then, that Flash aficionados would develop continuing improvements and updates to it, was it also inevitable that Adobe would shut them down?

"Adobe Flash was a huge part of our childhood, and it's gut-wrecking that Adobe would rather have everyone use super out-of-date versions of the software when versions with security updates are freely available. It makes no sense for them to DMCA an installer that was written independently and makes use of the freely available and downloadable version of the project."

The software giant's DMCA seems especially troublesome given that the main thing accomplished by the project was removing adware bundled with Adobe's official Flash security updates (themselves only available from its Chinese website—it appears some regulatory or contractual requirement is keeping Flash on life support there).