Check out this cute Cape Cod turtle born with rare case of two heads, six legs

The Birdsey Cape Cod Wildlife Center is the proud caregiver of a young diamondback terrapin turtle born with two heads and six legs. The turtle/turtles were born with a "rare anomaly" caused either by genetics or environmental factors, according to their Instagram.

According to the Center's IG, these turtles, like human conjoined twins, "share parts of their body but also have some parts that are independent." Each head eats and moves independently, and each side of the turtle(s) controls three legs.

Usually turtles born with this condition, called "bicephaly," don't live long, but so far these delightful creatures are thriving.

From Cape Cod Times:

A barium study showed the animal has two independent gastrointestinal systems to nourish both sides. The heads work independently for coming to the surface to breathe. Staff at the center says it is feeding well, primarily on blood worms and food pellets.

This rare specimen will continue to be watched and when it reaches four weeks old the Center's crew hopes to get a CT scan to learn more about the animal's circulatory system and more information about the two tiny terrapins sharing one shell.