Cover a phone and 25 other devices with this comprehensive insurance protection plan

Between laptops, smartphones, smartwatches, and tablets, you may be walking around with $2,000 worth of technology at any given time. And because you're human, you're likely to smash, submerge, or simply lose those expensive tech items every now and then. So mitigate your losses with a standout protection plan from Akko, which covers one phone and 25 devices for $275.

What's the best way to avoid absorbing the cost of breaking your brand new $500 phone? Well, you could swap back to a dumbphone that never breaks and only costs $50. Or you could plan for the expense of owning high-end tech by covering it under the Akko 2-year protection plan.

Akko doesn't skimp on coverage. Cracked screens, dropped phones, stolen tablets, drowned smartwatches — all are eligible for coverage and repair. You can protect more than just personal tech on your roster of 26 items. Include things like skis, camping equipment, cameras, VR gaming hardware, textbooks, and even jewelry. 

No shifty shops or shipping your phone to who-knows-where for repair. Akko works with a network of repair businesses to find you a local place for fast and quality fixes. Trustpilot rates the plan 4.8 out of 5 stars for this kind of high-quality coverage and service.

You won't find any monthly fees with the plan. Deductibles range from just $29 to $99. File unlimited claims and get reimbursed if you're forced to repair out of network. Reimbursements come via electronic payment so they get to you just when you need them.

The price of the Akko plan is the real stand-out. Think about the average repair cost for a broken screen or a liquid-damaged laptop. You'd be lucky to walk out the door for under $275. But paying that only once to cover damage to 26 devices? It's only a matter of time before a plan like this pays for itself.

Cover your phone plus 25 more of your belongings under this affordable and expansive protection plan by Akko. Typically valued at $336, you can protect your items now for just $275 for a 2-year subscription. Save on future repairs by getting prepared now.