Hate burning yourself when lighting up? Upgrade to this rechargeable lighter for over 50% off

From electric toothbrushes to blow dryers that brush your hair for you while you style, life is full of everyday gizmos and gadgets that just make things way easier. But if you're still using flimsy, cheap disposable lighters in your day-to-day, you may want to take a step back and consider an upgrade. 

If you've ever burned or hurt your thumb trying to ignite an everyday lighter, those days are long gone — enter the Slimline Windproof Rechargeable Lighter. Featuring the latest technology in portable lighting, this handheld gadget provides you with a tiny yet strong light whenever you need it, never wavering in whatever environmental conditions you find yourself in. 

Since this lighter doesn't actually produce a real flame, this bad boy will never fail in the face of a little wind. In fact, you could blow on this thing and it wouldn't go anywhere. That's because, unlike other lighters you're used to using, this gadget doesn't run on gas, making it completely windproof. It can also ignite on either side, making awkward things easier to light, whether it be a candle, a cigarette, or a campfire. And the best part? No painful thumb burns. 

Another perk about this rechargeable lighter is the fact that you never have to worry about buying a new one, continuously throwing out plastic, harming the environment, year after year. Thanks to its sturdy, metallic zinc alloy design, this little guy can handle some serious wear and tear without ever infringing on its super sleek look. And when it does appear to have run out of juice, simply stick it plug it into the included USB charging cable and you're good to go. 

Ready to make life a little easier? Do yourself a favor and snag the Slimline Windproof Rechargeable Lighter, now over half-off at just $14.99.