"Yung Lean: In My Head" is an intimate documentary about Swedish rapper Jonatan Leandoer

I've been listening to Swedish rapper Yung Lean's music for almost a decade now. Yung Lean became popular in 2013 when his song "Ginseng Strip 2002" went viral on YouTube. I love all the music he's released over the years, including the songs he's been making lately under the name Jonatan Leandoer96, such as this one Jonatan Leandoer96 – Under Heaven (official video). His music makes me feel something that is hard to categorize or put into words, but has comforted me through many hard times in my life. 

I recently watched a documentary about Lean called Yung Lean: In My Head, which was written and directed by Henrik Burman. You can watch the film here: Yung Lean: In My Head | The Short List.

From the YouTube description:

Rapper Yung Lean was on top of the world, but behind the scenes he struggled with fame, drug addiction, and mental health issues. This is his coming-of-age story told with unparalleled access on his road to recovery.  

The film tells the story of Lean's personal life, artistic career, and his struggles which at times blurred " the line between reality and his own vivid imagination."  I appreciated the way that this film told Lean's personal story in such an honest and intimate way. It left me feeling inspired by his perseverance and super creative mind.