Brendan Fraser's personal website is like an early 2000s time capsule

Get ready for a blast from the past.

The last announcement on is from 2005, and most of its updates happened around 2001. The flash website contains the actor's writing and photos— including a mirror selfie by Fraser with a film camera— over a puke-green backdrop. The website it a relic of a different internet.

The "curiosities" section features a hand-written welcome note ("Greetings Netizens!") and the "bookmarks" section has Brendan's favorite places on the web. Few of the links still work, though the link to Google, included "just because…" does.

The "photo" section contains a few dozen original photos that open in a new tab when clicked. Some pictures are from a 2001 trip to Vietnam, another album is "Quiet American," and yet another album documents Fraser's 1998 trip to Morocco. One Morocco photo shows a young Rachel Weisz.

Moving along, the "work" section yields an scrollable timeline of Fraser's acting credits between 1998 and 2001, and "about" has yet another mirror selfie and a personal introduction. The writing is split into four acts— but really three, because Act IV is "coming soon." Any day now!

Here's an excerpt of Act 1:

Along the way, Brendan developed insatiable curiosities for creating imagery (he has become an accomplished amateur photographer), going to new places (he is an ardent world traveler who recently needed extra pages added to his passport) and keeping current with new forms of artistic expression (his limited free time is frequently spent in Museums, Theatres and Galleries, or, yep…online.)

Perhaps Fraser keeps it up to hold onto the domain name— or maybe he really is going to add to finish Act IV.