There's a weird acoustic phenomenon at the "Center of the Universe" in Oklahoma

I just learned about the "Center of the Universe" — a strange acoustic phenomenon in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Stand at the right spot, and your voice will echo wildly around the architecture, no matter how soft or loud you try to speak. But to listeners just outside that specific spot? Your voice completely disappears.

The architect who built the bridge at the Center of the Universe has no idea why this happens. The science department at the University of Melbourne tried to explain this bizarre occurrence:

Created in the 1980s after a fire that forced the rebuilding of a bridge in Tusla, Oklahoma, the 'Centre of the Universe' refers to a small concrete circle that sits within a larger circle of bricks. Extending from the centre concrete circle (about 76cm/30inches in diameter) is another circle of 13 bricks which is also surrounding by another circle and so on. In total, the full 'Centre of the Universe' is about 2.5 metres (8 feet) in diameter. 

In other words, it is just concrete and bricks forming a circle on the ground with nothing extra or special added to it. 


The most plausible theory though, is that the acoustic distortion comes from the circular plantar walls that surround the circle, reflecting the sound. 

This isn't the only place in the world where similar effects have occurred. A few states over in New York lies the "Lake George Mystery Spot" where if you stand in a particular position, the sound you make will form an echo. This place also has similar theories with the most likely again being that the circular walls surrounding the place, reflect the sound.

There are other theories though, including ghosts, and a vortex of cosmic energy.

Here's another video of this strange phenomenon:

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