Judge sentences pair of rioting cousins to longer prison term than government's recommendation

Two of Trump's very fine supporters, Robert Bauer and Edward Hemenway, were sent to prison for 45 days for participating in the Capitol riot. What makes it interesting is the prosecutors asked for just 30 days, but the judge didn't think that was sufficient.

To add to the merriment, the delightful lads are cousins and share similar traits. They wear matching camouflage Trump caps, enjoy rioting, and have criminal records — Little Eddie (38) went to prison for sexual battery in 2006, while older cuz Bobby (44) has multiple drug convictions. If that doesn't spell M-A-G-A I don't know what does!

From The Independent:

It is the third time Judge Chutkan has sentenced a Capitol rioter above the government's recommendation. She ordered Dona Sue Bissey to 14 days in prison despite prosecutors asking for probation, and gave Matthew Mazzocco prison time despite the recommendation of home confinement.

Mr Bauer and Mr Hemenway were the 16th and 17th rioters sentenced so far. With more than 600 still facing criminal charges, sentences beyond recommendations by prosecutors will be closely watched by other defendants considering plea deals.