The wait's almost over! Volume 6 of the Complete Tom the Dancing Bug is coming out soon

Boing Boing's own Ruben Bolling has two new Tom the Dancing Bug books coming out next month.

Clover Press's Complete Tom the Dancing Bug program continues with Volume 6: Tom the Dancing Bug Awakens, which collects every one of Ruben's weekly comic strip installments (plus other material) from 2012-2015.

The book is full of the whole array of Tom the Dancing Bug's cast of characters, formats and tropes, like Chagrin Falls, Lucky Ducky, God-Man, and Super-Fun-Pak Comix.

Ruben says, "This book covers the years of a Democratic president grappling with openly destructive Republicans in Congress, plus racism, climate change, and the looming threat of a Donald Trump candidacy. So it's got nothing to do with today."

The book's back cover:

Also coming out next month is another Tom the Dancing Bug book: Tom the Dancing Bug, Without the Bad Ones.

This book collects the very best of Tom the Dancing Bug's entire 31-year history, from its early days of murderous fetuses, nap-taking aliens, and religious babies…

… to the latest comics of today's grim post-Trump (and pre-Trump?) era.

The various ways to order the books are at this link.