Top Boeing pilot indicted over 737 MAX scandal

A now-former chief technical pilot for Boeing was indicted on fraud charges over his involvement in the 737 MAX scandal, which claimed the lives of hundreds of passengers when two of the defective jets crashed. Mark Forkner, 49, was in that role during the certification process for the jet and is accused of deceiving the Federal Aviation Administeration during that process in 2016 and 2017.

Nadia Milleron, mother of Samya Rose Stumo, who was killed in the second fatal crash in March of 2019, said the indictment of one former executive doesn't go far enough."Forkner is just a fall guy. He and Boeing are responsible for the deaths of everyone who died in the Max crashes," she said. "The system within Boeing rewarded short term financial gain over safety, and Mark Forkner was operating within that system. Prosecutors can and should find quite a few other people who were also responsible for causing the crashes. Every single family who lost someone in the Max crash feels the same way: the executives and board of directors of Boeing need to go to jail."

Not one executive knew what he was doing? This was the one guy?