Check out this weird kid's book about a time traveling rabbit who invents the blockchain

I saw these tweets:

…and was sadly unsurprised to learn that The Sphinxing Rabbit: Her Sovereign Majesty: The Story of the Life Regal and Free is, indeed, a real book, with a promotional press quote describing it as "Beatrix Potter meets blockchain." The official blurb for the book is rather lacking, however:

Deceptively simple in appearance yet heavy in content, the Sphinxing Rabbit series of books starting with Her Sovereign Majesty aims to communicate tenets of freedom in an entertaining manner as opposed to complex, intellectual discourse, which has already been attempted many times in history, but to little avail. Moreover, each book alludes to a few famous works of art.

Lest one Blockchain Bunny adventure was not enough for you, there's also a sequel, The Sphinxing Rabbit: Book of Hours: Les Très Riches Heures du Duc de Bunny. At least this description is slightly richer:

If you could do anything, who would you be? The Sphinxing Rabbit series of books continues with Book of Hours, a delightful and amusing solution to a concern Tocqueville had for American equality – that the absence of an aristocratic class led to a lack of progress in the arts and theoretical sciences resulting in no true intellectual class. Again, spot the allusions to a few famous works of art as well as several blockchain applications. 

The author, Pauline Chakmakjian, also apparently runs the Japan Room in London, which exists "to revive the salon atmosphere of eighteenth-century Europe from which speculative Freemasonry originated in combination with her friendship with Japan."