A confused school in Miami bans students for 30 days if they receive a Covid shot

The Centner Academy, a Florida school who claims "we are not anti-vaxxers," is banning students who dare to get vaxxed from showing up at school for 30 days after each shot. This is the same misinformed, up to $30,000-per-year Miami private school that discourages teachers from getting vaxxed. They have also warned students not to hug their vaxxed parents for more than five seconds. Their upside-down, Q-infected thinking leads them to believe the vaccine can transmit Covid-19.

From WSVN:

Parents of students at the Centner Academy recently received a letter from its Chief Operating Officer that read in part, "…if you are considering the vaccine for your Centner Academy student(s), we ask that you hold off until the Summer when there will be time for the potential transmission or shedding onto others to decrease."

The letter also spelled out a quarantine rule for parents who still choose to vaccinate their children.

"Because of the potential impact on other students and our school community, vaccinated students will need to stay at home for 30 days post-vaccination for each dose and booster they receive and may return to school after 30 days as long as the student is healthy and symptom-free."

Centner Academy first made headlines in April when the school's owners told their staff to hold off on getting vaccinated. …

The school owners said the reasoning was over concerns on side effects and fears that those who get the shot will infect those who don't get it.