This new pre-fab Singaporean tiny smart home costs less than $100K

The Cube Two X is a 377-square foot pre-fabricated tiny smart home from Singaporean company Nestron. And it absolutely looks like something out of a 70s sci-fi movie. Available in one- or two-bedroom configurations, the $98,000 house comes with built-in furniture and amenities including a couch, refrigerator, and a projector in lieu of a television. The kitchen comes with a wall-mounted screen that's supposed to work as an entertainment center or smart home control center, and you can upgrade the bathroom to run as a voice- or touch-powered smart home control center, too. It's not clear what sort of platform or compatibility the smart home accoutrements work with, but manufacturer Nestron is apparently developing their own AI assistant, too, called "Canny."

The house comes with a 50 year construction structure warranty, too. Could be a neat path forward for small, sustainable, affordable housing.

Cube Two X [Nestron]