Bake up a good deal when you snag a bread maker for over 40% off

If you were like everyone at the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, then you probably tried your hand at bread-making. Maybe you were successful, but evidenced by the fact that so many people have left the hobby behind, it seems like bread-making was too much to handle for some.

But what if you could automate the process? That's possible with the Wolfgang Puck 14-Function Bread Maker. From star chef Wolfgang Puck's collection, this appliance allows you to load up the machine with bread ingredients, hit a few buttons, and come back in an hour or two to a fresh, hot loaf of bread.

Built with an included hook and kneading blade, the bread machine handles the steps from mixing, kneading, resting to baking and topping all without your intervention. Simply program the steps you want using the blue LCD-backlit display screen and follow your favorite bread recipe to get a tasty loaf baking in no time.

Make more than just a bread maker, you can use this appliance to mix up some jam and yogurt as well or to use it as a fruit, nut, or candy dispenser to make special types of bread without adding more steps for yourself. You can experiment with cake and gluten-free options too!

For many home bakers, an off-putting feature of DIY food processes is the need to clean up. But clean-up is simple when you can just wipe out and wash down the stainless steel housing in the bread maker. In fact, one 5-star reviewer on notes "Since Christmas we have been making bread. Love this machine! Directions are easy to follow and the clean up is easy too. Love that it mixes, rises, and bakes all in one."

French, whole wheat, cake, and jam—you can have it all in this bread maker. Typically $119, this Wolfgang Puck 14-Function Bread Maker is available now for just $69.99