Watch the GQP get duped over and over again in new Good Liar mockmentary (here's the trailer)

Remember when Matt Gaetz was trolled by a couple of adoring "fans" for being a troll? Or when posters of Trump Junior went up at a Brooklyn armed forces recruitment center that said, "I'm not enlisting, but YOU should"?

Now you can kick back and watch the pranksters behind these shenanigans, who go by The Good Liars (backed by MeidasTouch), pulling GQP-targeted stunts (but no politician is immune!) as they pose as red-capped MAGA folk in a feature-length mockumentary called The Supporters.

From The Hollywood Reporter:

The Supporters stars Jason Selvig and Davram Stiefler, a political sketch comedy duo known as The Good Liars, who also directed the film. It's executive produced by MeidasTouch and Michael Rapaport and will be released Nov. 4, one year after the 2020 election.

Stiefler says they started filming during the January 2020 Iowa caucus, initially planning to document "whatever ridiculous mess was about to play out in the lead up to the election." But, he says, with conspiracies about the election continuing to this day, they knew their story didn't end there. "We continued filming, ultimately recording the events of January 6th," he says. "After seeing what we saw, we knew that this surreal assault on the democratic process would be our story. How do this many people get caught up in the collective insanity it takes for something like that to happen? It's scary. And funny."