Bring peace, freedom, justice, and security to your new Empire with this Cyber Blade

Just as Lord Vader disarmed Mace Windu at Sidious's behest, you too can stand up to your enemies, whether it be your annoying boss or nosy mother-in-law, lightsaber in hand. Okay, so you're not actually allowed to go into battle with your so-called mortal enemies, but just like you were told as a kid, it never hurts to be prepared.

You may not have any fights in your calendar as of yet, but when you do, this Cyber Blade ensures you'll be armed and ready. From its different light schemes to its fun, realistic sounds, this weapon is always fun to play with, whether you're a kid with a vivid imagination or an adult who could use a little break from reality.

Designed for cyberpunk, Star Wars, and sci-fi enthusiasts alike, this dagger laser sword is a fun way to pay homage to your favorite fantasy battles. Unlike other light-up laser swords you may have played with in the past, this weapon boasts 11 different colorful illuminations, like rose, cyan, and cold blue, and super-realistic sound effects, including switch, standby, swing, beat, and more. And its detachable, ultra-durable blade ensures you'll always be ready for battle. 

The Cyber Blade is incredibly comfortable to hold thanks to its handle, which features an aerospace-grade aluminum hilt with an ergonomic grip. And with its rechargeable lithium-ion battery boasting 1,200mAh of battery life, you can expect long hours of fighting fun. And when it is time to juice up again, simply charge it with its included USB-enabled charger.

Created by the brilliant minds over at Cybertopia, the cyber blade aims to help you channel your inner adolescence and, quite frankly, kick some butt and take names. Whether you give this top-notch weaponry to a young Padawan as a gift or simply want to treat yourself, the Cyber Blade helps its wielder to become the warrior they were always destined to be.

Stay armed and ready with the Cyber Blade: Dagger Laser Sword for $106.99, or 26% off.

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