Check out the flophouses and destitution of New York City's Bowery in 1956

Lionel Rogosin's On The Bowery (1956) was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. Carla and I walked around the Bowery a couple of months ago and it is unrecognizable from the neighborhood depicted here. At the 52-minute mark you can see how three men filter Sterno so they can drink it.

From the YouTube description:

After the Second World War, Lionel Rogosin made a vow to fight fascism and racism wherever he found it. In 1954, he left the family business, the Beaunit Mills-American Rayon Corporation, in order to make films in accordance with his ideals. As he needed experience, he looked around for a subject and was struck by the plight of the men on the Bowery, and he determined that a portrayal of their daily lives on the streets and in the bars of the New York City neighborhood would make a strong film. Thus, On the Bowery served as Rogosin's practice film for the subsequent filming of his anti-apartheid film Come Back, Africa (1960).

[via r/ObscureMedia]