Unboxing a Gorkamorka game from 1997

This might be a very narrow niche post, but I'm sure many Boing Boing readers have a "grail game" or two (i.e. a rare game that you covet but can no longer find or afford). Like Guy from Midwinter Minis, one of those games for me is Games Workshop's 1997 title, Gorkamorka, designed by the great Andy Chambers).

In this video, Guy unboxes a still-in-shrinkwrap copy of the 1997 Mad Max-inspired Ork on Ork battle action and scavenging game (that he paid over $400 for). The vid has fascinating info on Gorkamorka and its era and also includes a new interview with Chambers, talking about this beloved and sought-after game and game design in general.

So, what are some of your grail games?

Image: Screengrab