Florida woman wildly fires gun in the general direction of dognappers

Dognappers are evil, however, I doubt that this woman was really serving any good purpose by wildly spraying bullets all over what appears to be a residential neighborhood.

Two of the three dognappers have been apprehended, however, the puppies are still missing.

Local 10:

Two arrests have been made, following a dramatic shootout over a dognapping in West Park. A woman selling exotic dogs says she was afraid for her and her girlfriend's life and was forced to shoot at the suspects, after they shot at her.

Broward Sheriff's Deputies have arrested two of the three suspects and say they are just 16-years-old.

Video of the encounter that took place on Monday night, obtained exclusively by Local 10 News, shows the three attempted dog robbers exchanging gunfire with that woman in front of her home.

A bullet narrowly missed her head and she ducked behind her car for cover.

"I would have done anything to protect my girlfriend and my home, and my biggest goal was to make sure she was OK and we live to see tomorrow," she said.