New comic: Real Hero Shit is "Lord of the Rings but gay and dumb"

Acclaimed comic creator Kendra Walls just launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new fantasy comic called Real Hero Shit and it looks like an absolute delight. It's a hundred-page adventure featuring — in their own words — a demonic playboy prince, a stoic half-elf, a short-fused mage, and a compassionate cleric. Here's the setup:

Innocent villagers are going missing in a small mountain town. The city guard have been blocked from conducting any real investigation. In their stead, the notorious Underguild has assigned Michel the half-elven rogue a secret mission: find the missing villagers, and bring whoever— or whatever— kidnapped them to justice. Unfortunately for Michel (and his fellow adventurers, Ani and Hocus), they're short a fighter, and need one more party member to foil this plot. Even more unfortunately, the only volunteer seems to be the arrogant, ostentatious, purple playboy, Prince Eugene, looking to cure his boredom. "Covert" is not a concept that he's familiar with, and let's just say his commitment to the mission is…


Every day is Spring Break for Eugene, but outside palace walls, he crashes into a hard reality: the system that keeps him safe in his silk-sheeted bed isn't particularly concerned with the well-being of anyone who isn't him. Eugene will have to level-up his awareness if he means to be a real hero, and time is running short!

If that doesn't entice you, Wells described the book to AIPT Comics as "Lord of the Rings but gay and dumb" and that's a great elevator pitch if I've ever heard one. In that same interview, Wells notes that "The market is oversaturated with 'penis funny,' but the thing is: penis funny," which is also pretty true.

Real Hero Shit [Kendra Wells / Kickstarter]