Texas Lt. Gov's $1MM bounty pays off by catching a Republican who voted twice

Lt. Governor Dan Patrick put up $1,000,000 of his campaign donor's money to catch voter fraud in Texas. It took a while but they finally caught someone, a Republican, of course.


Shortly after the 2020 election, Texas lieutenant governor Dan Patrick offered up to $1 million in reward money, to be paid out of his own campaign coffers, to "incentivize, encourage and reward people to come forward and report voter fraud." And now the first person to claim that reward is Eric Frank, a progressive poll worker in Pennsylvania who reported a Republican for voting twice.

Patrick's campaign paid Frank $25,000 for his tip leading to the conviction of Ralph Thurman, a 72-year-old Republican who voted twice. Thurman, whose lawyers initially claimed he'd been tricked by poll workers into voting a second time, later admitted he had illegally voted a second time using his son's name.

Thurman was sentenced to three years of probation and is banned from voting for four years.