There are 2 wild zebras running loose in Maryland. The state wants to set more free.

Back in the beginning of the September 2021, three zebras escaped from a farm in Upper Marlboro, Maryland. One of them was tragically caught in an illegal snare and died on September 16; the other two have continued to roaming freely through the state. A friend of mine who lives in Maryland tells me that the zebra epic has been the biggest news story in the entire state — which, it being Maryland, is not particularly surprising.

State officials from the Maryland Department of the Environment have recently announced a new plan to help recapture the striped equines: more zebras. From WUSA9:

Officials say the owner and caretaker have taken two zebras from the herd and are keeping them in an enclosure in the center of a corral. The hope is that by utilizing food and the other zebras, the loose zebras will return to the corral and the herd. 


Veterinarians and officials believe this plan is the best approach for successfully capturing the loose zebras.

I suppose the logic there is sound, but "loosing more zebras into Maryland" still sounds like a weird choice. But even if it fails, the African plains animals can apparently survive and even thrive in cold winter weather — and I, for one, think "snow zebras" sounds pretty cool.

Officials hope to capture loose zebras with new plan involving even more zebras [Alanea Cremen / WUSA9]