These CBD drops can help you get more rest and make your holidays less stressful

We all live with stress. Of course, parents are not only dealing with their own anxieties and worries, but trying to make sure their kids navigate the world safely as well. With school back in full swing, increased pressure at work, and the holiday season now bearing down like a freight train, it's no surprise if Mom and Dad will soon be finding themselves at their wit's end more and more often.

Between financial strain, gift-giving worries, family events, and more, 88 percent of adults say the holidays are the most stressful time of the year. So many parents feel like they're at their breaking point, which leads to plenty of restless, even sleepless nights for millions.

Nobody enjoys the lack of focus, grogginess, and all-around irritability that comes with regular poor sleep. Drops+ Sleep from Plant People can start tipping those scales back in the right direction, offering an organic solution for getting to sleep and staying asleep without the next-day cloudiness that comes from sleeping pills and other pharmaceuticals. 

A full-spectrum CBD tincture, this safe, melatonin-free, organically grown, doctor-formulated, and lab-tested solution is all about helping sufferers reestablish healthy sleep patterns and feel well-rested.

Made with high-quality, premium USDA-approved botanical ingredients, the CBD – along with CBN, and terpenes – in this hemp extract has calming effects on the mind and body to decrease nocturnal activity, normalize sleep cycles, and keep seasonal stress and anxiety at bay for a more restful night's sleep.

All it takes is squirting a dropper's worth under your tongue just before bedtime to induce relaxation, a supportive balancer for hormones and adrenals, which reduce daily stress and promote calm for better sleep. It also doesn't hurt that the formula is easy to take, going down smoothly with a pleasant, floral flavor.

Blended specifically for tranquility, restorative rest, and rejuvenated mornings, this synergistic solution not only works wonders on a user's sleep, but it packs the beneficial physical effects of CBD use as well. These drops can help soothe tired and aching muscles, relieve pain and inflammation, reduce blood pressure, and more. 

With nearly 300 product reviews, many Drops+ Sleep users quickly become believers, with more than 96 percent of surveyed customers agreeing the tincture does help them fall asleep faster and stay asleep through the night.

Right now, shoppers can achieve that better sleep for themselves with a Plant People Drops+ Sleep starter bottle with about a month's worth of doses now available for just $59.99. Get better sleep without the grogginess with Plant People's Drops + Sleep, and save 15% off your first order with exclusive code BOINGBOING15!