A musician is selling a gorgeous handmade dice set as part of her new vinyl album

I discovered Jenny Owen Youngs back in 2004, when we played a few shows together. Even then, she was clearly a much better songwriter than me, and I've been following her fantastic career since then. Earlier this year, I wrote about the musical about the musical episode of Buffy The Vampire Slayer that Youngs wrote with her ex-wife for their Buffy rewatch podcast. Around that same time, Youngs also released a new song about her newly discovered pandemic hobby of Dungeons & Dragons. It's a seriously gorgeous tune:

Inside the game, you're okay 
Longswords and spellcasting keeps all the bad away 
And the monsters look how monsters do 
Not like neighborhood kids with their hands full of rocks for you 
And not like the grown ups who should be protecting you 

When he'd come home, full to the brim 
You know what I know: there's no talking to him 
Oh no, go hide yourself 
You know there'll be hell to pay, and you're the one paying 
But soon as you're done, we can go back to playing
Dungeons and dragons 

"Dungeons & Dragons" is part of a larger EP titled Echo Mountain, which Youngs will be pressing to vinyl soon. Along the album's release, she enlisted dice artist Kat Ellestad to create a limited run of hand-carved dice sets to go along with the album. And if you thought that song was gorgeous, then oof, look at these dice:

The Echo Mountain vinyl with the dice set will run you $100, but that's damn well worth it for the craft (also, you get a great album on vinyl to go along with it). If you don't care for the music, it looks like you can still get some gorgeous custom dice from Kat Ellestad separately.

Jenny Owen Youngs: Echo Mountain 7 Piece Handmade Dice Set with Wooden Dice Chest