California teacher suspended after doing bizarre and offensive "Native American dance" in fake headdress to teach math concepts

A math teacher at North High School in Riverside, California has been suspended after a student of Native American descent smartly and bravely recorded the videos above and below and shared the clips on social media. From NBC Los Angeles:

The teacher can be heard chanting a term often used to remember trigonometry functions. A spokesperson for the student who recorded the six-minute video spoke with NBCLA Thursday night.

"When I was watching the whole six-minute video, I felt my whole body started to tremble," said Akalei Brown. "There was a physical change within my body watching that."

Brown said the video brings to light what indigenous people face daily.

"This has been going on my whole life," Brown said. "My whole life has been like this, being made fun of. And now, for the first time, people care. They are angry and they see us."

Yes, we do. And now the whole world has seen that teacher too.