Channel your inner artist with these epic $30 drawing lessons

Whether you love to sketch figures now and then or can't do much more than "paint by numbers," there's no denying the therapeutic effect drawing and creating art has on your mind and soul. But if you're looking to take your drawing skills up a few pegs, whether it's for fun or to strengthen your professional portfolio, perhaps it's time to up your training. 

Before you drop a sickening amount of money at some foofy art school, consider taking your training into your own hands with this highly-regarded bundle of online drawing courses. Packed with 11 classes, all valued at around $200, you'll learn firsthand what it takes to bring your drawings to life through both classic and modern methods, all for just $30. 

Led by top-rated comic book artists, animators, and more, the bundle's team of experienced art instructors will help you develop the skills necessary to take your creations to new heights. Featured on CNN, Entrepreneur, Mashable, CNET, TechRadar, and more, SkillSuccess, the respected education hub behind more than 2,000 online video courses, offers students carefully curated lesson plans, practice exercises, and insight that rival the more expensive, traditional art classes of today.

Designed for artists of all experience levels, The 2022 Art of Drawing Bundle offers you a wide range of drawing styles to master. In addition to learning about the more fundamental aspects of drawing, like shading, spatial awareness, and proportions, you'll also have access to classes that explore character drawing and digital painting for cartoon characters. 

The bundle also has courses that focus on the digital side of things, giving you a background in commonly used tools used to create drawings on a screen. Great for a wide range of artistic fields, like screen printing, graphic design, and more, the skills you'll attain in these courses will give you more value as a professional artist if you're looking to draw professionally. 

The 2022 Art of Drawing Bundle is deeply discounted to just $29.99, making each course less than $3!