Someone set a sleeping homeless person on fire

From the most awful thing I've heard today files: In Santa Monica, California, police are looking for a man suspected of setting a homeless person, asleep in a park, on fire. This horrifying act left the victim hospitalized with burns covering 50% of their body.

SM Mirror:

Santa Monica police are searching for a suspect wanted for inflicting serious burns on a person sleeping in a Santa Monica park over the weekend.

According to Santa Monica Police Department (SMPD) Lieutenant Rudy Flores, the incident occurred on October 16 around 11:35 p.m.

"A homeless male was asleep in Ozone Park when he was doused with an unknown liquid then set on fire," Flores said in a press release.

The victim, whose identity was not released by police, was transported to a local hospital to be treated for his burns.

In addition, according to the SMPD, he had a two-inch laceration on top of his head from possible blunt force trauma.

"He suffered burns to approximately fifty percent of his body," Flores said.