Get into PC gaming with this like-new Dell computer for under $600

Water cooling. LED lights. Overclocked processors and massive curved screens. A lot of the PC gaming battlestations we see are flashy, cool as hell, and unfortunately wildly expensive. If you're itching to ditch the cookie-cutter consoles and become a member of the PC master race, you've probably had sticker shock at the cost of parts, accessories, and putting it all together.

It doesn't have to be that way though, you can enjoy the best games of 2021 and still stick to your budget. There are great deals on renewed and refurbished computers, like this one by Dell: only $589.99 for a practically new Optiplex 3020 Computer Tower and all the accessories!

Coming with great entry-level specs for the price, you can play all the most popular games on this rig. It's ready to play right out of the box as this tower comes with Windows 10 already installed and is packaged with a gaming headset, RGB mouse and keyboard, and XL gaming mouse pad. You'll be blasting away friends and foes in no time.

Despite the affordable price, this rig is no pushover. With 16GB of RAM, an Intel quad-core i5, and a 2GB AMD GPU, you'll be able to hop into titles like Fortnite, Minecraft, League of Legends, and more with excellent frame rates. You'll get a future-proof setup that you can upgrade over the years as games get better and more intense.

Renewed by Blair Technology Group, you'll benefit from their top-tier refurbishment that makes computers just like new. They've tested all the hardware, double-checked the ports, and even installed a brand new 240GB solid-state hard drive. You'll have nothing to worry about except which game you'll be booting up first.

Right now, you can grab this refurbished Dell Optiplex 3020 Computer Tower and accessories for only $589.99.

Prices subject to change.