Life and times of folk-blues trio

In 1963, three musicians traveled from Minneapolis to Milwaukee for a stripped-down, one-day recording session in a church. What they laid down was a thumpin', jumpin', and jammin' acoustic country blues record that set the staid folk music community on its ear. John "Spider" Koerner played a modified 7-string guitar, Dave "Snaker" Ray picked a big-bodied 12 –string, and Tony "Little Sun" Glower blew harmonica. Hard to believe this authentic funky blues was played by three white kids from Minnesota.

image source: YouTube

Their raucous tunes, spirited singing, and foot-pounding rhythms were an unpretentious smash and a huge contrast to the milquetoast "Michael Row Your Boat Ashore" folkies. (Remember in the film "Animal House" when Blutarsky grabbed the annoying folk-singer's guitar and hilariously smashed it against the wall?—kinda like that but more musical and fun!)

They reworked old country blues, field calls, rags, folk stories and did original tunes. KR&G went on to record more albums, as a trio, as duos, and solo projects, as well as appear at the famous 1964 Newport Folk Festival. This 2+ hour 1986 documentary tells KR&G's story with lots of great concert footage and interviews. (I recently rewatched the film for free via Access Video On Demand through my local library system. The DVD is also available thru Amazon.)

"Blues, Rags, and Hollers, The Koerner, Ray & Glover Story" documentary: