"To My Great Chagrin: The Unbelievable Story of Brother Theodore" is a fascinating look at a comic madman

I remember a really odd guest on the Merv Griffin Show back when it was broadcast from NYC in the 60's. In the middle of the usual anodyne talk show chit chat came a most highly unusual dark and dour figure: a stout man with a Moe Howard haircut, mad flashing eyes, and permanent scowl.

Image source: YouTube

He'd make the wildest, non-sequitur pronouncements in a booming Germanic voice "Einstein is dead. Schopenhauer is dead… and I'm not feeling so well myself!" Many years later he turned up as frequent and agitated guest of David Letterman, who described Brother Theodore as "a noted philosopher, metaphysician, and podiatrist." Who was this wild character?

This docu presents the life and career or Theodore Isidore Gottlieb: a Dachau survivor, chess master, actor, and comedian infamous for his dark, rambling, stream-of-consciousness monologues. Mesmerizing! Find it on Amazon Prime.