Texan guns down a man for briefly parking in his driveway

A gentleman in Texas saw that someone had parked in his driveway, so he grabbed a gun and ran out to confront the trespasser. When the driver of the vehicle rapidly began to depart, said Texan opened fire.

Two weeks later, the Texan has lawyered up and turned himself in so the courts may decide if this was murder or somehow fits under a 'stand your ground' law.

Mercury News:

The homeowner told police he woke up to use the bathroom and "discovered an unknown vehicle with its headlights off, [parked in his driveway] next to his pickup truck," according to an arrest affidavit obtained by CNN.

He got a handgun and ran outside, according to the affidavit. According to the account he gave the police, the car had its headlights on at that point and began rapidly backing out of the driveway; he chased after it, "struck the front driver's-side door window twice with his handgun" and then fired the gun, striking the driver.

The victim was identified as Adil Dghoughi, 31, according to police.

Dghoughi's girlfriend, Sarah Todd, told CNN the couple had been visiting her cousin in San Antonio, and Dghoughi left by himself that night to drive back to Maxwell, a few miles from Martindale. She believes he got lost and pulled over to look up directions when he was killed.