Elevate your diving and underwater photography with $99 off a Navbow Scooter

Diving is a sport in and of itself, but what about underwater photography and videography? Aside from taking in the ocean depths and generally just trying to stay alive, you have to maneuver between a plethora of underwater camera equipment, which includes the camera itself, lenses, strobes, and many more. That's hard enough when you're capturing footage on dry land!

Now, what if you had a way to traverse the water easier while still taking surreal submerged footage? The Navbow Underwater Scooter by Sublue does just that, allowing you to mount underwater photography equipment and accessories, making it a smart choice for diving enthusiasts.

The aptly named Navbow is a bow-shaped underwater scooter that lets you navigate the ocean depths, designed with the benefits of ergonomics to minimize physical discomfort, while also optimizing your strength and speed underwater. The powerful dual motors can propel you at up to 4.47MPH and depths of as low as 131 feet, taking your exploration capabilities to the next level. It also comes in both black and red or black and green colorways, and it has an OLED data display screen that provides better image quality and contrast, quicker refresh rates, and lower-powered consumption.

As mentioned above, the built-in photography platform allows for any camera mounts or accessories to be firmly secure on the Navbow, so that your underwater equipment can record more of your precious memories and capture spontaneous moments. As a plus, the Navbow can also be navigated with just one hand, freeing up your flexibility and movement while at the same time, giving you more control underwater.

On top of all these features, the Navbow includes a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 75 minutes along with a charger, charger cradle, Li-on battery pack, and more. A big perk is that it consumes less oxygen while immersed underwater, so you can effortlessly glide through the water, avoiding any troublesome air bubbles on your camera lens. 

Made to enhance your underwater experience and fully support your photo equipment, it's time to take some pressure off your next diving trip with the Navbow Underwater Scooter, now on sale for $900, or $99 off.