High school teacher suspended for telling Muslim-American student: "We don't negotiate with terrorists"

Last week, Mohammed Zubi, a Mulsim-American senior at New Jersey's Ridgefield Memorial High School, asked the assistant teacher in his class if he could have additional time to complete an in-class assignment. The teacher's reported response? "We don't negotiate with terrorists."

From CNN:

Zubi, 17, said the assistant teacher came up to him a few minutes later, patted him on the back, and said he didn't mean it like that. "In my head I'm just like, what other way could he have meant that?" Zubi said.

The Ridgefield School District released a statement Sunday saying that the district "has absolutely no tolerance for any sort of discrimination against any student or staff member"…

Zubi said he didn't return to school for nearly a week after the incident. "I went to school today for the first time," Zubi said Monday. "I want a public apology to me and my family."

The teacher has been suspended while the district investigates the matter and, according to the superintendent, it "intends to pursue any and all legal remedies against the staff member."