1000 Warhol drawings were sold at $250 each but only one was real

This is a wild story. This week, New York art collective MSCHF sold an original drawing by Andy Warhol, valued at $20,000, for $250. But it also sold 999 forged ones that look just like it, also for $250 each. The buyer of the authentic one may never know if they got the real one.


Dubbing the project "Museum of Forgeries," the group purchased an authentic 1954 Warhol pen drawing, titled "Fairies," and then used digital technology and a robotic arm to recreate the artist's exact strokes, before using heat, light and humidity to artificially age the paper.

Having mixed the 999 fakes with the lone original, MSCHF now claims not to know which is the real Warhol. And from Monday collectors can buy one of the 1,000 works, each titled "Possibly Real Copy Of 'Fairies' by Andy Warhol," for $250.

If all the pieces sell, the group would have made over 12 times what it originally paid for the drawing. But MSCHF also hopes to poke fun at an industry more interested in the authenticity of an artwork — or who created it — than the art itself, said chief creative officer, Lukas Bentel.

screengrab via https://moforgeries.org/