A history of humanzees, born from female chimps impregnated with human sperm

The early 20th century was a hotbed of genetic experimentation. One bizarre line of research explored human-nonhuman hybrids, such as humanzees. One such possible case of a humanzee making it to term is described in History of Yesterday:

An evolutionary psychologist by the name of Gordon Gallup stated that in the 1920s the first humanzee was "born" at a secret research facility in Florida. Even if he was not born at the time he was told so by his professor who had worked thousands of hours researching such a hybrid entity and its possibility to life. He also says that the humanzee was killed soon after its birth due to the pressure they received for their experiment

Oliver was not humanzee but was billed to carnival goers as one. Image: unknown – Original publication: unknown Immediate source:, Fair use, Link