An angry Karen cut rope that was supporting painters at high-rise

A woman in Bankok was so annoyed when she saw painter support rope hanging outside the window of her condo's 21st floor, she cut it. The 34-year-old Karen was furious that she hadn't been informed painters would be doing repair work that day. The only problem with that logic is that the condo administration had informed everyone in the building with a written notice — she just didn't see it.

After she cut the rope, the painters, who were lowering themselves from the 32nd story, got stuck hanging near the 26th story.

From Bankok Post:

While the two repairmen, one of them a Myanmar national known only as Song, were lowering the rope from the 32nd floor of the condo to fix a crack, they saw the rope was cut by a woman living on the 21st storey, making it impossible for them to descend by themselves.

One of the workers signalled for help and Prapawan Satasing, who lived on the 26th floor, let them land on her balcony. The workers then went downstairs to report the incident to the condo administration.

The condo administration said they had already notified residents in writing that some repair work would be done between 9am and 5pm on Oct 12 involving workers using ropes outside their rooms. They encouraged the residents to close windows and put away any items on their balconies. 

And from AP:

The 34-year-old woman at first denied she responsible, but police sent the severed rope for a fingerprint and DNA analysis, media reported.

On Wednesday, the woman and her lawyer appeared at the police station. After the police showed her the CCTV footage and the forensic evidence, she confessed but denied any intention to kill the workers.

Pongjak said the suspect was temporarily released. Police will file an indictment at the provincial court within 15 days, he said. She could face a prison term up to 20 years if found guilty on a charge of attempted murder.