Dropbox has no plans to add support for Apple Silicon

Apple's own processors are a resounding success for the company, offering strong performance and outstanding battery life, and most software companies moved quickly to release new versions of their apps compatible with the ARM chips. One big-leaguer, though, has not: Dropbox says it hasn't even considered it and has no plans to do so. The problem for users is that Dropbox is always running, and under emulation that means it's always killing battery life.

Mac owners agreed that the Rosetta option is a very poor solution.

"Agreed, while Dropbox does operate under Rosetta without bugs, the power and ram resources required
are silly. With dropbox running I cannot get anywhere near the expected battery life with casual use.
Quit Dropbox and we get back to some semblance of normalcy."

"Come on now, I pay for this service, it's not freeware done by one dude at home, this should have been ready for M1 long ago."

Incredibly, a Dropbox representative said they weren't even going to share the suggestion internally without more support!

"This idea is going to need a bit more support before we share your suggestion with our team."

It's news today, but it's been clear for a while that M1 support wasn't coming. There are so many alternatives—even Microsoft OneDrive supports Apple Silicon! If you really are stuck with Dropbox on Mac, because you or someone in charge of you made that mistake, there is a silver lining: you can at least change the batteries on new Mac laptops for the first time in nigh a decade.