Fellas, get your nether region under control with a Manscaped Performance Package

No more stewing in sweatpants for weeks on end, folks. The world is back. While it was tempting to throw personal hygiene cares to the wind when Zoom meetings and conference calls were the full extents of your social interaction in a day, the winding down of the COVID pandemic means it's time to start putting time and attention back into your personal appearance again.

You're going to meet new people. Guys, many of them are going to be potential lovers. And according to 96 percent of partners, they find it a major turnoff when you're badly groomed. It's also important to consider that their assessment of your grooming habits doesn't stop at a haircut or brushed teeth.

A full 85 percent of women say they prefer for their men to be groomed…down there too. If you're going au naturale in all those dark nether regions, well, it's time for a new plan. Manscaped has prepared for just this type of hygiene emergency, and their Performance Package 4.0 can help.

This all-inclusive kit isn't putting up with any of that wild man mess, offering a full assortment of equipment and skincare products to get that funky underbrush under control to help guys feel fresh and confident. The headliner of this collection is The Lawn Mower 4.0, an all-new SkinSafe electric trimmer that takes personal grooming over every square inch of a guy's body to the next level. Engineered as the ultimate groin and body trimmer, this device sports replaceable ceramic blades set back from the edge and precision-engineered for maximum confidence, even while trimming areas where you really don't want to make any mistakes. 

The collection also features the Weed Whacker, Manscaped's finely-tuned revolutionary ear and nose hair trimmer. Of course, devices will only go so far without healthy skincare products to back them up. So this assortment comes complete with a pair of formulations designed for use in those unholiest of unholy places. You'll get a bottle of the Crop Preserver, an anti-chafing deodorant specially concocted for conditions happening below the belt to keep you fresh, hydrated, and moisturized. There's also the special Crop Reviver, a spray toner created with soothing aloe and witch hazel extracts to keep that high-friction area chill after your trim.

The collection is rounded out with a set of Magic Mat disposable shaving mats, a pair of Manscaped anti-chafing boxers, and a travel bag called The Shed to keep everything tidy and organized. Fans like Andrew took to Manscaped's webpage to sing their praises, saying the set "got the job done, no nicks or scratches."

This all-star assortment for absolutely top-notch bro-mowing usually costs over $215, but with the current deal, you can be more attractive, confident, and definitely sweeter-smelling with a Manscaped Performance Package, now on sale at almost half off for just $119.99.

Prices subject to change