Influencer pig comes out as anti-vaxx

In the internet's latest milkshake duck, a firehouse piglet named "Penny the Fire Pig" has shared propaganda opposing the FDNY vaccine mandate. Penny's political turn comes as a surprise to many of her followers— the account's typical content shows the pig tasting shaved ice, creating abstract art, and playing on bacon-shaped pool floats.

Adopted this summer by firefighter Darren Harris, Penny spends her days hamming it up at Engine 239 in Park Slope. According to NBC, she is "all the rage." Harris explained his opposition to vaccine mandates to Rolling Stone:

The flier reposted by the Penny the Fire Pig account suggested that almost half of the FDNY would be laid off as a result of the mandate, appended by an ominous warning of a forthcoming firefighter shortage. "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? If you have to call 911 for your family member having a heart attack or your home starting to burn down, the Fire Department WON'T BE ABLE TO COME," the now-deleted post read, encouraging New Yorkers to call their local elected officials and local news and "let them know you stand with us."

In an Instagram DM to Rolling Stone, the person behind Penny the Fire Pig's post, who seemed to confirm he was Harris, explained he was motivated by his concerns over the vaccine mandate potentially creating a first responder shortage in New York City. "I'm vaccinated and understand importance of the shot," he said. "I just don't want any firehouses shut down." He said that he deleted the post because Penny the Fire Pig is currently working on a "fire safety children's book, and does not have business [expressing] personal views."

Rolling Stone