The kiddies' motor wheel would be outlawed in this day and age

The Kiddies' Motor Wheel! features footage of a child riding a motorized contraption, sold for toddlers. The contraption itself is incredibly cool looking, but it would definitely not fly in this day and age. It looks like it could easily topple over. This was 1927 though, so no helmet, no problem! I have to admit, that little kid looks pretty bad ass riding around in the motor wheel.

From the YouTube description:

C/U of a small child – probably 3 or 4 years old. The child holds onto a wheel and smiles at the camera.

M/S of the child sitting on a very strange contraption which is a special motorised vehicle for children. It looks like a tiny motorbike with a very large wheel around it. Bizarre.

M/S of the child driving along with a man running along beside her. It goes pretty fast and looks quite dangerous. The kid drives through some horse manure left on the road! The adult manages to avoid it.