Wrongful death lawsuit filed against fertility clinic after frozen embryos were dropped on the floor

A patient at Alabama's Mobile Infirmary Medical Center for some reason left their hospital room, opened a refrigerator in the facility's cryogenic storage area, and removed multiple frozen embryos stored there by the nearby Center for Reproductive Medicine. Apparently shocked by the temperature of the vials, the individual dropped the embryos on the floor where they became nonviable. Now, three couples who were clients of the fertility center have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against both facilities. From Advance Local:

One of the suits cited Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker's concurring opinion from a 2017 case in which the court ruled that a woman could sue her doctor for wrongful death when she had a miscarriage.

"Wrongfully causing and/or allowing the death of an embryonic human being is no different than causing the death of a human being at any other stage of life," the lawsuit states. "Embryonic human beings are human beings."

The three couples suing the fertility clinic and hospital, said they suffered "severe mental anguish, strain, and emotional distress" over the incident.

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image: Elena Pavlovich/Shutterstock.com