Simone Giertz combines a plant and a lamp and creates a "plamp"

Simone Giertz, the Internet's beloved comedic maker, didn't like the lamp in her living room ("It's not bright enough to justify turning it on very often […] like my ex."). She also had an enthusiastically-growing plant she didn't want to cut. She decided to combine the need for a new light and a better home for her plant. The solution was obvious: a plamp.

As with many of Simone's video, the journey is more entertaining than the results are revelatory, but there are some very funny moments here. And she shares a great tip, too. Throughout the video, she's calling the first iteration of her plamp a prototype, but then she admits that at some point during the build, she knew it had become the final piece. She says that by telling herself a project is a prototype, it removes some of the pressure of getting everything perfect on the first go — a bit like writer Anne Lamott's idea of "shitty first drafts" applied to making.

Image: Screengrab