Deck out your bed before Black Friday with 15% off this 7-in-1 CarbonIce pillow

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If we can be candid for a quick minute, there's nothing worse than a crappy night's sleep before days that seem to never end (that meeting with your boss tomorrow is way more stressful than you once anticipated). We get it, there's a lot of stressful stuff going on right now, and your pillow isn't really a priority, but if you're ready to get some ZZZ's in a time where your sleep schedule is low on the totem pole, you're going to want to grab this CarbonIce pillow, on sale right now for a huge pre-Black Friday price cut.

So, let's get down to business. This 7-in-1 pillow is way better than your average down feather counterpart. Not only does this bad boy enhance breathability, but it also keeps you cool with increased comfort using Activ-Air technology. Beyond that, it utilizes a dual memo-density system, which is fancy lingo for allowing you to choose the firmness you desire without sacrificing coziness. you'll benefit from the ergonomic design, which promotes sound, orthopedic sleeping and aligns the spine to alleviate pain in your head, neck, and shoulders. And, because we know sometimes you forget to wash your face before heading to sleep town (admit it, we all do it), it's dirt, bacteria, and dust mite resistant.

Okay, so let's talk about the seven functions this pillow brings. With dual memo density foam technology, Activ-Air technology, carbon bamboo charcoal activation, a layer of cooling gel foam, copper-infused inner cover, a CarbonIce cool silk side, and a layer of graphene that naturally conducts heat, you can rest assured (get it?) you'll have the best night's sleep. Despite the cooling nature and name, this pillow brings the heat to pains and aches and withstands all of your sleeping woes.

Still unsure? We get that — your ol' reliable pillow has been with you since your days at summer camp way back when (which may or may not be gross, but we digress). If you're unsure, just turn to the 2,224 backers who raised $314,098 on Kickstarter to take this baby from the brains of sleep scientists to your bed. 

Right now, you can get your hands (or rather, your head) on the CarbonIce: 7-in-1 Bacteria Protection And Cooling Pillow, which also includes a pillowcase, for $75.64 with code SAVE15NOV.