Fed up with the job search, a software engineer created a ridiculous fake resume and got a 90% response rate

Angelina Lee is an expert in JavaScript, TypeScript, Node.js, React AI, and Mia Khalifa. When she worked at Instagram, she was the "team coffee maker" and mined Etherium on company servers. Before graduating "summa cum laude" at UC Berkeley, she achieved the fraternity record for most vodka shots in one night. At her LinkedIn job, she "slid into the dm's" of Reid Hoffman. At her Microsoft internship, she "spread Herpes STD to 60% of intern team." Each of the links she provides is a Rickroll.

Despite the ludicrous content, the resume had a 90% response rate.

While some of the bullet points use technical jargon that may seem reasonable to a non-technical HR worker briefly skimming the paper ("React for AI on blockchain"), none of them make sense.

The person who made it is not actually named Angelina Lee, and they created the fake resume as "an experiment to see if recruiters actually read resumes (they don't)." The poster put the story on Reddit.