Man "dressed as The Joker" injures 17 in Tokyo subway attack

A man dressed like blackpill hero "The Joker" injured 17 people on a Tokyo subway train on Sunday, reports the BBC. Some were stabbed, according to eyewitnesses, and others hurt when he threw acid or accellerant around the carriage and then set it on fire. Footage shows travelers fleeing the flames and clambering out of windows; police arrested the man without further ado.

The NHK news agency quoted police as saying that the man had said he had "wanted to kill someone since June" because he had quit his job and seen many of his friendships fall apart. It added that he dressed like the Joker because he "looked up to him". Local media reports say that the suspect told authorities he wanted to kill people so he could be sentenced to death. The AP news agency, citing the Tokyo Fire Department, said three of the injured had serious wounds. Local media reports an elderly man was unconscious after being stabbed in the attack.