Score a Pre-Black Friday discount on these backend developer courses

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It used to be that kids said the darnedest things. Now kids are doing the most to separate themselves from the generation before them (who, let's be honest, are clearly embarrassing themselves into oblivion). The youth is becoming more and more tech-savvy and making a ton of money doing it, while you're sitting behind your desk longing to make a little more dough. Expand your web development skills while learning a new trade and making yourself more marketable than an AI bot with The Ultimate 2022 Backend Developer Bundle for a Pre-Black Friday blowout price.

While people all around the world are using the web to communicate, read the latest news, or yell at their racist uncle for ruining yet another family holiday with his conspiracy theories via social media, you can use it to create a new world. This 13-course collection can turn your life into a new career in a New York minute.

With over 40 hours of content and 490 different lessons, you can train to proficiency in Bootstrap, web development, programming, coding, app development, and a host of other key functions to keep up with the ever-evolving digital world. The courses are perfect for anyone from a beginner looking to start a new hobby to experts just trying to keep up with the kids these days.

Once you're familiar with all of the terminology and different functions of back-end developing you'll get your hands-on learning by using platforms and apps like jQuery, Chrome DevTools, Python, and so much more. Pros that will show you the ropes work under the platform Skill Success, one of the leading providers in all things online learning, so you know you're getting mint education. 

The best part? Once you buy these courses, you'll have unlimited access to them. Whether you're ready to get going and learn the ropes on web development now or later, all of the lessons will be there right where you left them.

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