Marjorie Taylor Greene now owes $48,000 for not wearing a mask, and the fines keep rolling in

Toxic Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (Q–GA) has racked up $48,000 in fines since May 18th for not wearing a mask at the Capitol. All in the name of protecting her freedoms to spread deadly germs to others.

From The Washington Post:

Nick Dyer, a spokesman for Greene, said the congresswoman has been fined almost two dozen times for not wearing a mask, resulting in $48,000 in fines. An Oct. 28 letter from Sergeant-at-Arms William Walker to Greene reviewed by The Washington Post shows that Greene has been observed not wearing a mask in the House that many times since May 18.

The mask rule was established at the recommendation of Capitol attending physician Brian P. Monahan. While it was lifted for a few weeks in mid-June, it was put back in place in July, when the delta variant led to a rise in coronavirus cases. The Senate, meanwhile, has never required masks.