Stock up on $19 anti-viral masks during this Pre-Black Friday Sale

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In case you've forgotten, people are downright gross. Even if COVID just disappeared overnight, the 19 months or so have proven that even our closest friends refuse to cover their mouths when they sneeze. Beyond being a total buzzkill, catching a virus in 2021 can also be, well, a regular kill. Stay safe and healthy until people learn how to behave (which may be a while) with this ViralOff Packable Face Mask, which is on sale for a pre-Black Friday blowout.

Be a step above the crazy anti-vaxxers and COVID neigh sayers (as well as the generally disgusting) with the ViralOff face mask. Here's why it's the best: Treated with ViralOff Technology, the mask is equipped with silver chloride to reduce 99% of viral particles on the treated material within two hours. In other words, you can go to the grocery store and spend a little extra time in the frozen foods aisle without fear that the germs surrounding your air will penetrate your space.

The mask includes two layers of breathable fabric to maximize airflow while still keeping you fully protected from the nuts who still believe the vaccine is inundated with microchips (like your uncle, who hasn't been invited to family gatherings since that one Facebook post, you know the one).

Not only is this mask perfect for daily living, but the inventors have heard your cries for something that can withstand a little more pressure and created this baby to also encourage athletic airflow. With adjustable ear loops to fit the size of your face, you can breathe comfortably running, biking, or just living your best life. Worried you might lose this lifesaver? Don't be. It also includes a built-in storage bag when you invert the mask through the inner pocket making it easy to carry, store, and pull out when needed.

Get the ViralOff Packable Face Mask for $18.66 (Reg. $29) with code SAVE15NOV.