Texas woman points gun at child, 7, trick-or-treating outside her home

A 35-year-old Texas woman was arrested Halloween evening and charged with assault with a deadly weapon after allegedly pulling a gun on a 7-year-old child trick-or-treating.

Parents and grandparents in the neighborhood are breathing a sigh of relief that things didn't turn out worse. "Little kid probably needs counseling. He or she is going to have to deal with that for years, no telling," said Medina. Some are thinking twice about whether to let their kids trick-or-treat next year. "I'm about to the point where I don't even want the kids going anymore," said neighbor Albert Anguiano.

The kid was not even at her door, not that it makes a difference. Apparently this happened right at the beginning of the evening and resulted in police locking down the whole street. On top of the victim's own experience, Halloween ruined for the entire neighborhood.